WMBL Holds Winter League Meetings

03/08/2018 10:08 PM -

The WMBL recently held their annual winter league meeting in Okotoks. 

In one of the information sessions, Dan Segal, current president of the Corvallis Knights of the West Coast League (WCL) was in attendance and addressed the WMBL team executives.   
The former WCL President, shared his long-time summer collegiate baseball experiences and spoke on a variety of issues. 
“Dan gave us tons of information on where he sees summer collegiate baseball and the opportunities that exist for our league to grow and thrive,” said WMBL President Kevin Kvame. 
“The main thing that I took away from Dan’s session was that our league has done a lot of good things over the years and is doing ok,” added Kvame. “A renewed commitment to pushing our brand and sharing our highlights with the baseball world, are a couple of ways we can become stronger and more recognized.”
One other key fact that came out of the League meetings was that the WMBL established a committee to review and compile the information discussed at league meetings. The new committee will bring recommendations discussed to the WMBL Board of Directors at the summer League Meetings, which will be held in Swift Current.     
“I see a lot of common ground in the WMBL that will ensure our each of franchises are stable,” said Kvame. “We continue to put an exciting product on the field each year and now need to look for new and innovative ways to promote our League.”

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