WMBL Recruiting

01/22/2018 12:57 AM -

WMBL Recruiting 

With the WMBL season just around the corner, all teams are finalizing their 27-man roster that includes 20 American players.
Each team in the WMBL offers their players an awesome community experience, outstanding fans and great baseball. These are some of the important factors that play a key role when WMBL teams reach out to elite college players from around North America. 
WBML managers and player personnel directors rely on their relationships with college coaches to recruit. As well, players who have had a positive experience with a team will help convince players to come to the Prairies. 
“It is important to have good relationships with schools that we recruit from,” said Regina Red Sox general manager Bernie Eiswirth. “If we treat their player well and develop them as a player and person, it will be that much easier to get a player the next year.”
The WMBL’s sterling reputation also helps its member clubs draw premium college baseball talent. Players understand they get an opportunity to face some of the best competition at their level which will continue to enhance their on-field skills after the NCAA season ends. 
“Recruiting is a 12 month a year process,” said Eiswirth. “Even during the season we talk to players that might come to Regina and we talk to our players about possible future recruits”.



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