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WMBL President Kevin Kvame

06/02/2018 3:47 PM -

With the 2018 baseball season just under way, the WMBL communications team had a chance to visit with League President Kevin Kvame. 

WMBL: With so many summer leagues to choose from, what makes the WMBL so attractive to players?


Kevin Kvame (KK): Canada's Premiere Summer Collegiate Baseball League basically says it all.  We showcase the western prairies of one of the greatest Country's in the world, Canada. 

This provides a quality, friendly, family oriented, safe, and competitive experience for both local college heroes who want to play near home as well as for players from abroad who have the great experience of playing baseball in Canada during the beautiful summer months.


WMBL: Over the years the WMBL has developed into a well-respected and competitive league. What is the keys to the WMBL’s on-field success?


KK: The keys are the teams and their continued commitment to strive for success each year.  There are all kinds of different structures for our franchises but they all have a deep desire to compete and with that they all form quality, competitive, and enthusiastic teams for the league.  The flagship teams show the way and the other teams then work hard to be a strong league partner.


WMBL: Why is it important for WMBL teams to continue to embrace the community they play in?


KK: Every team is part of the fabric of each community.  As much as the Yankees represent New York, the Miller Express represent Moose Jaw or the Mavericks represent Medicine Hat.  The teams all carry the names of their communities with them wherever they go.  The players all become local idols for the sports' youth in each town. 


WMBL: What type of baseball can fans across the league expect to see this season?


KK: I always say that they will be impressed by the level of baseball these collegiate players perform at.  Sure, they are trying to get to another level and some of the players of the past succeeded with that, but these young men are playing for the love of the game.


WMBL: What is your favourite opening day memory?


KK: I will take the easy way out!  Every opening day is special because it means baseball is back for another year.  It doesn’t get better than that!