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07/08/2017 1:17 PM -


Baseball has always been a family affair. We have grown up watching the Ripkens, the Boones and, of course, the Alomars preform in different capacities in the Majors. 
The WMBL also promotes the importance of family, not only in the stands, but on the field as well. At a recent game in Regina between the Red Sox and the Swift Current 57’s, it was truly a family affair on the field. We had the pleasure of having three sets of brothers proudly wearing WMBL uniforms. 
Sitting in the Swift Current dugout prior to the game were the Goodall brothers, Aidan and Garrett. Both young pitchers have performed well this season for Swift Current. 
On the Regina bench, the brothers MacDonald, Mitch and Geoff, are coaching for the Red Sox. As an added twist, their dad Leo, a baseball icon in Saskatchewan, was preparing to broadcast the game on the Red Sox web network. 
But the focus of the game was on the Campbell brothers. Aden is in his second year with Regina while younger brother Riley is a rookie with the Swift Current 57’s.
What made this night special other than the race for first place in the Eastern Division, is the game marked the first time the Campbell’s would play competitive baseball against each other. To commemorate this special occasion, their parents Kevin and Tara had also made the trip to watch their boys. 
“Through our years, we have never played against each other. We have always been on the same team both in high school and on travelling teams,” said Riley. “It’s a lot of fun to play against him.”
The Campbell brothers bring different styles to the game. Riley’s strength is getting on base and making things happen with his speed while Aden is more of a power hitter. 
Both share the gift of being good fielders. Because of their individual talents and skill sets, growing up they were able to be on the field at the same time. 
“We are totally different players, so it was a lot of fun growing up and playing together,” said Riley. “Especially when we were on the left side of the field together, Aden was at third and I would play short.” 
Aden is in his second year with the Red Sox and has made his mark as their starting first baseman. He also enjoys the opportunity to play against his brother in a competitive setting.
“It is fun playing against him because we are completely different, that kid can run and I can’t,” said Aden. “We can also give it to each other on the field and not get into trouble like when we were kids.”
For Kevin and Tara Campbell there is a real sense of pride when they see their boys take the field together during the 2017 WMBL season.
“It is a dream come true to be able to watch your boys play at this level,” said Kevin. “We don’t pick a team to cheer for, we just hope both boys do well.”
“It’s really awesome to watch them play and a blessing that the very first game we got to see this year was them playing against each other,” said Tara.  “We have four children who have all played sports at a high level.” 
The Campbell boys are stars and leaders on the field. Kevin and Tara have always made sure their children share those same positive traits when not playing baseball.
“I am proud of my boys off the field as well,” said Tara.  “They always carry themselves with good character.”
As you can see for the Goodalls, MacDonalds and Campbells and the families who enjoy the WMBL, baseball is more than a game, it is a family tradition.