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Dawn Moxham - Baseball Mom

07/02/2017 12:12 PM -

We wanted to share this great interview the Lethbridge Bulls had with Dawn Moxham, who's son Brady plays for the Bulls.

Lethbridge Bulls(LB) : Where did you grow up and how important was sports in your life?
Dawn Moxham(DM): I grew up in Portage la Prairie. Sports was a huge part of both my life and my husband. My parents were both Physical Education Teachers and they were very active in athletics.
LB: Where do you live now, how did you get there and what do you do?
DM: We live on a farm in Oakville, MB in a farming community in south western MB. I married my high school sweet heart and moved to the Moxham, family farm. I recently retired from teaching at the local high school in Portage la Prairie where I taught Physical Education.
LB: As a parent what was your philosophy as far as getting your kids involved in sports?
DM: Both of our boys participated in various sports without pressure from us. Eventually they chose sports that they excelled at.
LB: You have two boys…are they both active in sports?
DM: Brett ,our oldest is a competitive curler and enjoys golfing and fishing while Brady turned to baseball and has had many great experiences including representing Canada at the world junior baseball championships in Osaka.
LB: Did you have any influence in getting Brady to pursue baseball or was that his decision?
DM: We gave him the means to pursue whatever sport he wanted but it was his decision to focus on baseball and he put a lot of time and energy into his dream .
LB: Take us through your emotions when you heard about Brady wanting to go to the Vauxhall baseball academy?
DM: He was in grade 10 and brought up the idea to us that maybe Vauxhall was an option he would like us to consider. It was the fall of 2013 when coach McTavish contacted us with an offer for Brady to come to the Academy for his grade 11 and 12 years . I had a hard time saying yes at first ,it was too far away for my liking ! It was my youngest sister that changed my mind. She was on the Jr National Softball team for one year and when she wasn’t willing to relocate to Vancouver, she was cut from the program. She said to me that she still regrets that decision. I certainly didn’t want Brady to have any regrets. Brady was sure this was what he wanted so we went on a visit and that trip reassured me that sending him there was the right decision.
LB: Talk about that organization.
DM: VAB is an outstanding program that treats the guys with professionalism and respect and all they ask for in return is to be a good student and work hard every day at being a better person and a better player , that is their motto! The dorms and facility are great and the board of directors do an amazing job of giving each player the necessary tools to allow them to be the best players and people they can be
LB: What’s it like being a parent of a pitcher playing for the Lethbridge Bulls?
DM: Brady is loving every minute as a Bull so that makes us happy! All you want as a parent is for your kid to be content
LB: What do you hope for Brady at this point of his life?
DM: We as parent always want what’s best for our children and seeing Brady excel at a sport he loves is all we can hope for him! He is disciplined and focused and we see nothing but great things ahead for him .
LB: What’s the toughest part of this journey for a parent?
DM: The distance apart is definitely the hardest ,we only see Brady play live occasionally although when we do get a chance to be with him it lets us see some new country.
LB: What’s the best part?
DM: The best part of this journey is watching the growth of Brady ,both personally and on the field , every step has been mixed with some failure and many successes which only adds to the experience for him and us ! we have met so many people around the game that we now consider friends for life.
LB: What advice can you give to parents who see potential in their kids who want to pursue elite sports?
DM: I think the best advice I would give to parents is let your kids figure it out for themselves, if you push them too hard they will hate whatever sport it is ! We provided the opportunity and let our kids decide how much time and energy they wanted to put into their chosen sport.
LB: Any final thoughts?
DM: The Bulls have provided a great home for Brady to continue to pursue his dream and we are thankful for people who run the team and make it easy for him to be the best he can be!