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Fort McMurray Wildfires

05/04/2016 12:07 PM -

OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM WMBL                                                                              

Wednesday May 4, 2016     11:55 am



As all of you are aware, major wildfires have resulted in major damage to parts of the City of Fort McMurray.  The WMBL extends our thoughts and prayers for all those affected at this time of emergency in Fort McMurray.


As you can appreciate, the situation is still active and dangerous.  We are monitoring the situation and have conveyed to the Fort McMurray Giants that we are standing by for them.  We expect to be involved with them when they have been able to access their situation but that likely will not occur until the threat has ended and the group has been able to reassemble. 


The WMBL has an official position at this time of no comment on anything to do with WMBL baseball in Fort McMurray until accurate information is available and the time is more appropriate. 


Donations to assist Fort McMurray are being coordinated by the Red Cross.  Any assistance via contributions or messaging that  our member clubs can engage with would be appreciated.    


Thank you for your attention to this matter.