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Award Winners and All-Stars

07/31/2014 11:35 AM -


July 31, 2014



The WMBL 2014 regular season is wrapped up and the Award Winners and All-Stars are announced

     The 2014 regular season for the Western Major Baseball League (WMBL) is completed. With stormy spring weather that delayed the opening game of the season, the big question around the league was how are all the games going to get played? With an extreme number of rainouts, floods and re-scheduling of rainouts that had to take place; some how the teams managed to get the games in.

      A common question from players and coaches who had never been to Alberta and Saskatchewan previous is this much rain and flooding normal and is this what a Canadian summer is like? But they were promised that knowing the weather, the long waits in hotel rooms due to rain delays or waking up early for bus departures only to find out they weren't going due to rain or perhaps another day spent playing video games due to rain would come to an end. When the rains did give way to summer, the temperatures shot up higher than normal and the mosquitoes came out bigger that normal too. With a 253 league game schedule to complete, teams were left with a high number double-headers and tight road trip schedules. Road trips and back to back double-header games for the players and coaches was no easy task.

     This season fans packed the ballparks. It was an entertaining season as over 156, 000 fans filed into the 11 ballparks across Alberta and Saskatchewan to watch these college athletes play the game. This smashed the 2013 attendance record of 134,000.

     With the regular season completed, the Western Major Baseball League would like to announce and congratulate the Award Winners and All-Stars for the 2014 WMBL season. 

     WMBL President, Kevin Kvame, says, “The award winners and All-Stars are individuals that are recognized by their fellow teams as excelling in the category that they were chosen in.

     “The WMBL is proud of the large pool of college player talent that comes in to Alberta and Saskatchewan each summer and contributes to the communities they participate in.

     “On behalf of the entire WMBL congratulations to each and every award winner and thank you for helping to make the WMBL Canada's premier summer college baseball league!”


WMBL Award Winners

Most Valuable Player

Josh Johnson                                               Swift Current        

Rookie of the Year                                            

Aiden Stinnet                                              Moose Jaw

Canadian Rookie                                                

Tyrell King                                                  Okotoks

Coach of the Year                                               

Ryan MacDonald                                       Lethbridge


WMBL All Stars


                     First Team                          

                     Terry McNabb                     Moose Jaw

                     Scott Cone                             Lethbridge

                     Fernando Pena                    Swift Current

                     Sean Callegari                      Swift Current

                     Second Team                     

                   Tyrell King                            Okotoks

                   Alex Regan                            Lethbridge

                   Steven Bunnell                    Melville

                   Kevin Hand                           Regina


Catcher     First Team                          

                     Bronson Larsen                  Saskatoon

                     Second Team                     

                     Steve Hazel                           Regina


                     First Team                          

                     Aiden Stinnett                      Moose Jaw

                     Hunter Owen                       Swift Current

                     Taylor Hutchison               Lethbridge

                     Connor Crane                      Okotoks

                     Second Team                     

                     Mitch Dornblut                   Lethbridge

                     Connor Lloyd                       Saskatoon

                     Evan Comeau                       Lethbridge

                     Matt Spillman                      Swift Current



                     First Team                          

                     Josh Johnson                        Swift Current

                     Miles Hunter                        Moose Jaw

                     Javy Marticorena                Weyburn

                     Second Team                     

                     Brandon Bufton                  Lethbridge

                     Eros Modena                        Swift Current

                     Jose Cruz                               Medicine Hat


Designated Hitter                                  

                     First Team                          

                     Dylan Dyson                         Lethbridge

                     Second Team                     

                     Kameron Mizzel                  Yorkton

About the Western Major Baseball League
The WMBL is Canada’s preeminent summer collegiate wood bat baseball league showcasing college players from Canada and the United States. With beginnings dating back over 50 years, the League now consists of 11 teams playing in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The 2013 season will marked the first season as a full collegiate league; continuing the tradition of offering fans a consistently high level of competition, coaching and players being drafted by the MLB. Alumni will tell you that players have not experienced first class summer baseball, hospitality and fan support until they have spent a summer playing for the WMBL.

So there you have it, the Western Major Baseball League, Canada’s premier summer collegiate league: quality competition, quality coaching and a quality summer experience in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Okotoks, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon, Melville, Yorkton and Weyburn. For more information go to

Teams can be contacted directly for interviews and photos

For more League  information contact:

Kevin Kvame,                                                                         Cori van Keulen

WMBL President                                                                    V.P. Communications

(403) 320-2025                                                                       (403) 819-5341